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Products Available

For your convenience and a quicker recovery, these products and many more are available to you in our reception area, all at an affordable price!

  • Strapping tape, ankle braces, knee supports
  • Pillows and back cushions
  • Gels for pain relief and healing
  • Ice packs, wheat bags, stick-on heat pads
  • Various Foam Rollers
  • Theraband, wobble boards
  • Swiss balls, Chi balls, Spikey balls and more…

Product Special ~ New Resista Massage Bar


The Resista Myo-Massage Stick is an excellent tool designed so that you can self-massage. Helps to reduce muscle soreness, aches and pains.

Simply roll over the targeted muscle to reduce muscle tightness, improve circulation and prevent cramping.

An easy alternative to a foam roller and small enough to transport anywhere.

Great for self release of the glutes, ITB, quads, feet, back, neck and shoulders!


Semaphore Physio Bak Balls

Looking for ways to minimise pain and tension through your spine and body without needing to come in for treatment? This could be a fantastic and affordable solution for you!You can lie on the BakBalls on the floor, lean against them in sitting or lean against them while standing with your back to the wall. The firm “double” ball configuration exerts a localised pressure onto painful, stiff joints and tight muscles. Relieve back and neck pain and stiffness in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. BakBalls can also facilitate ideal sitting posture in your chair.

BakBalls have been endorsed by the APA since 2005.They were designed by an expert Sports Physiotherapist, who has worked with the Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games Triathlon Teams. The BakBalls are a Class 1 medical device in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, which confirms the safety and efficacy of this product.Ask our Physiotherapists to demonstrate how to use them on your back, neck, shoulders, ITBs and plantar fascia… so versatile! Available now from our reception area. Drop in or call 82427111 for more information.

For any exercise and pain management needs, please enquire with reception or one of our friendly physiotherapists to find out what is most suitable for you.

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