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Exercise Rehabilitation

Benefits of Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Can improve posture-related conditions such as low back pain, neck pain & headaches
  • Increased control of trunk stabilising muscles leading to decreased back pain
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Greater resistance to injury
  • Overall body toning without building a muscle bulk
  • Improved general fitness levels
  • Pilates principles can be applied to other traditional strength & flexibility regimes such as gym work as well as everyday activities eg. walking.

Physiotherapists who teach Exercise Rehab are not only fully trained Pilates Clinicians, they have the expertise and extensive knowledge base learned in their Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. As a result, they are able to expertly apply their knowledge of anatomy, pathology and healing principles to guide you along the safest, most appropriate and beneficial exercise pathway. This individually-tailored teaching method adopted by our Physiotherapists gives you functional and progressive rehabilitation, to achieve an outcome of correct biomechanics and movement patterns.

Exercise Rehab certainly has broad appeal and you don’t have to be injured to benefit. It can help people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, poor posture and growth spurts. Clinical Pilates can enhance sports performance, benefit the elderly and sedentary or manual workers. It can even be useful before, during and after pregnancy.

We have several options here at the clinic for Exercise Rehab. Beginning with one-on-one sessions with a Physiotherapist, you may then wish to progress to Group Pilates Classes supervised by a Physiotherapist, or have an individualised program created, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Exercise Rehab here is generally covered under private health insurance if you have the Physio “extras” option.

Group Exercise Rehabilitation

Group Exercise Rehabilitation sessions are run by our qualified Physiotherapists. These are limited to maximum 6 people per class to ensure individualised attention and are a combination of equipment, mat and ball exercises. We utilise the Clinical Pilates reformer, trapeze, jumpboard and thoracic barrel.

You must attend at least two “1-on-1″ sessions with one of our physios before joining the Exercise Rehabilitation sessions. You can claim these classes if you have physio “extras” in your private health insurance (item no. 560).

Please note that due to Covid-19, spots are limited. Please see our current timetable below and call (08) 8242 7111 to make an appointment:

Group Exercise Timetable

  • Monday: 10:00am & 10:45am
  • Tuesday: 5:30pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00am & 10:45am
  • Thursday: 10:00am & 10:45am
  • Friday: 10:00am & 10:45am
  • Saturday: 8:00am

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